Assured Network Solutions - Installation Services

Installation Services we offer

Assured Network Solutions is your trusted partner for seamless and efficient installation services. With our expertise, customization, and commitment to excellence, we ensure your business runs smoothly and operates at its best.

You can find a list of installation services we provide below:

Network Cabling & Wiring

We design and install network cabling and wiring solutions to ensure seamless data transmission and connectivity. From structured cabling to fiber optics, we create a strong backbone for your digital operations.

Wireless Network Installation

We design and implement secure, high-performance business Wi-Fi networks, keeping your workforce connected and productive.

LAN/WAN Installation

We install and support LAN (Local Area Network) and WAN (Wide Area Network) installations. Designing and deploying networks tailored to your business needs, we optimize performance and reliability.

Cable Management & Cleanup

Our cable management and cleanup services organize and tidy up your infrastructure, ensuring efficiency and safety.

IP Video Security Installation

Protect your assets with our IP video security solutions. We install cutting-edge IP cameras and security systems to monitor and safeguard your premises.

Server Installation

Efficient server installation is the cornerstone of data & user management. We handle the setup and configuration of servers, ensuring they are optimized for your specific requirements.

VoIP Business Phone Systems

Upgrade your communication with VoIP business phone systems. We install and configure VoIP systems, providing cost-effective, feature-rich phone solutions.

Firewall & Router Installation

Assured Network Solutions expertly installs and configures firewalls and routers, ensuring the highest level of network security to shield your data from cyber threats (also see our Cybersecurity offering).